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Airline & Cruise Solutions

Crew transportation worldwide

World Transfer is a broker arranging transfers to/from airports, train stations, hotels
and all destinations to an international transfer service provider network.

CREWMobility – USP’s


Crew transfers worldwide at any commercial airport


From modular to full service


Full IT integration


Billing & payment
QM & reporting

Categories & Fleet

Worldwide available in 150 countries at 1,200 airports,
with access to a fleet of > 600,000 vehicle - thereof > 25,000 in Germany

Coach Class Premium Economy Class Business Class First Class
Coach Class Premium Economy Class Business Class First Class
Unsere Fahrzeugflotte
Example vehicles within a vehicle class may vary according to availability and country.

From modular to full service

  1. Analysis of contracted transfer service providers

  2. Tendering of transfer service providers according to customer specifications (SLA)

  3. Price analysis post RFP

  4. Selection of transfer service providers

  1. Registration

  2. Licence verification for legal certainty

  3. Contracting

  4. Training

  5. Monitoring System (geocoded Driver Events)

  1. Interface to airline management systems (e.g. Netline)

  2. Live monitor for crew control

  3. Scheduling software for transfer acceptance/changes/cancellations by TSPs (iOS + Android + PC)

  4. Driver App

  5. Crew Web App

  6. Booking portal for Corporate Travel

  1. Airline single billing

  2. World Transfer / Crew Mobility collective billing

  3. Saving Report

  4. No Show

  5. Complaints

  6. Transfer Service Provider Screening

  7. Chauffeur Screening

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Coordination and/or

of national and international crew transports, business travelers and external passengers

No crew pre-payment

of ad hoc replacement taxi; expenses via integrated taxi account with invoicing via WT​

Systemic integration

of cab & transfer service provider contract partners into uniform service level agreement (SLA) for cancellation deadlines, waiting times, vehicle condition, quality standards

Reporting + QM

Sales figures, distribution according to contractual partners versus WT transfer service providers, operating times, complaints, no-shows, TSP screening, chauffeur screening

IT connection (API)

as central booking technology (WT in-house solutions) without media breaks for airline dispatching, airline crew (via App), WT + transfer service provider + driver

Centralised billing

Collective billing of all WT trips to airlines + Payment of contracted service providers via WT credit-note procedure after receipt of payment from the airline

Live transfer monitoring for crew planning/travel office of all current transfer trips

The live transfer monitoring provides an overview of all transfers already booked. Booking status, booking code, transfer date, origin/destination address, name of the crew member and contact details of the transfer service provider can be viewed at a glance. Bookings can also be filtered by time period and crew member.

Crew Web App (Mobile Site)

After registering, crew members can view upcoming transfers, including pick-up point information and contact details of the transfer service provider via a live dashboard. Afterwards, the trip can be rated via the "Rate your Trip" button.

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